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WE ARE THE WORLD’S PREMIER LEADERSHIP CONSULTANCY, HELPING ORGANIZATIONS ACHIEVE COMMERCIAL SUCCESS BY RELEASING THE POWER OF THEIR PEOPLE… We partner with organizations around the world to frame leadership strategy, generate deep insight, and co-create solutions, all while building brilliant relationships and measuring the impact of our work together. Core to our work is developing deep psychological and behavioral insights. We are distinctive in going below the surface and in creating interventions that drive real and profound transformational change whether at the individual, team or organizational level.

With offices in Europe (London, Edinburgh and Madrid), North and South America (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Sao Paulo & Mexico City), Asia Pacific (Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai) and Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town) we service the needs of organizations, large and small, across the world.

We are looking for self-motivated, personable, savvy individuals with significant and diverse experience in our field. The successful candidate will have relevant and extensive experience in leadership strategy, assessment and development work with demonstrating deep insights and fluency in the industry. Individuals with an entrepreneurial or pioneering spirit who are skilled at developing business, bringing great insights to clients, collaborating, relationship building and thinking flexibly thrive at YSC as do people who are comfortable with ambiguity, have an inquiring, innovative mind, and a strong learning orientation.

You should have a Master’s degree or above in psychology, a behavioral science or a related field, a background in business and a minimum of 7 years’ experience in several if not all of the following areas:
  • Extensive C-suite experience.
  • Organizational consulting. Devel
  • oping leaders and high performing teams.
  • Deep psychological assessment of senior leaders and executives.
  • Executive coaching.
  • Workshop design and facilitation.
  • Culture Change experience
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).
  • 360 feedback.

In addition, you should have a proven track record of developing new business, building networks and forming strategic, lasting partnerships with clients. You should have successfully managed clients and stakeholders at the most senior levels of organizations
YSC Consulting is the world’s premier independent provider of leadership strategy services. Leadership strategy is the intentional design of the individual leadership styles, the team dynamics and interactions, and the workplace culture that are most likely to enable successful achievement of an organization’s desired future state. We help organizations understand if they have the leadership they need for success, and we work with them to get there.
YSC is an eclectic group of professionals grounded in the rigour of the behavioural sciences and practical realities of commercial and organisational demands. Our consultants help organisations connect the dots between business strategy and leadership. We create a consistent experience for individuals and organisations globally, but with careful attention to the needs of the local markets and cultures where they operate.
  • We are more than 225 employees in 20 offices across 15 countries around the world.
  • Our consultants have varied professional backgrounds and hold advanced degrees and industry credentials in psychology, organisational behaviour, management, adult learning and leadership, and related fields.
In the 30 years YSC has been practicing in the leadership development space, we have partnered with more than 50% of the FTSE 100, and nearly 20% of the global Fortune 500 to help those leaders achieve their future business strategies. Our services include:
  • CEO succession planning and board development
  • Executive assessment and development for individual leaders
  • High-performing team development
  • Inclusive leadership and diversity services
  • Services for private equity firms and portfolio companies (pre-deal, due diligence, post-deal integration and firm-focus capability transfer)
YSC’s approach to leadership strategy helps organisations understand their current leadership against what they need in order to achieve their desired future state. We largely focus on the top five to ten percent of leaders within the organisations that we partner with globally. We bring a collaborative spirit to our work—everything that we do is done with our clients, rather than done to them. This allows for trusting relationships that go deep and effect meaningful change in the way leaders conduct themselves and evolve their organisations. Through this approach, we uncover insights that will help answer these critical questions:
  • Do you have the leadership to achieve your future business strategy?
  • If not, how can you build the leadership, interactions and culture to drive change for the future?
  • And if you can’t, what leadership and cultural transformations will make your strategy possible?
Sector: Consultancy
Driving License: Not Required

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